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Supporting charity in 2022 - (Donors Ultimate Guide)

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Supporting and donating to charity is something that has always been important, but in today’s digitally cluttered world finding the right charity to donate to can prove quite difficult. How do you know your money is being well spent, where can you go to discover new causes to support, how do you find impactful volunteer opportunities nearby? These are just few of the many questions you’re probably asking yourself. In fact, 67% of worldwide donors also choose to volunteer locally in their communities, and 56% regularly attend fundraising events. Where are these events and why don’t you know about them!? Luckily for you, we’ve made this ultimate guide to tell you exactly how to support charities in 2022. Let’s get started.

Finding new charities to support

Let’s start with the most essential part, finding charities to support! Here are a few easy ways to learn about new charities.

1. Follow and engage with charities on Instagram & Tiktok

Because of Instagram’s algorithm, simply following a few charities and engaging with their post will cause Instagram to constantly recommend you new charities to follow and engage with. This can be a natural way to keep seeing new charities every day as you scroll through your feed.

2. Ask your community!

Friends can often be a great source for finding new causes to support and donate to. People aren’t always vocal about their charitable conduct and often give back behind closed doors. Asking your friends, family, or your communities about causes they’ve donated to in the past or volunteered for, can be a great way to discover new charities.

3. Subscribe to a charity blog

Charity blogs are one of the easiest and most engaging ways to stay up to date on the charities you would otherwise not know about, and best of all, this information is sent right to your email inbox! Charity blogs are often very meaningful and full of research done on charities so that you don’t have to. In fact, here at SACRI we have a great charity blog you can subscribe to here. Our “Charity Spotlights” provide detailed research, insights, and interviews on all the most interesting and impactful charities you should know about.

A few ways you can support charities in 2022

1. Volunteer

Often when people think “supporting charities” donations and money are the first things that come to their mind. When in fact, donating your time can be just as valuable. All charities are looking for volunteers to champion their cause and help make a difference. So next time you find a charity you like, head over to their website and see if there’s any volunteer opportunities that pique your interest!

2. Donations

This is the most common way people tend to show support for charities. Donations are one of the most important ways charities receive funding. A good charity uses these donations to power their cause and make a difference. Using some of the tools in this guide you can decide which charity best deserves your support and is making the most impact per dollar received! A donation can be any amount, often even a dollar goes a very long way. Instead of donating a large amount, considering gathering your friends and donating a small amount each.

3. Share Share Share!

Due to the impact of social media, you can raise awareness for charities without even leaving your house! Awareness is a huge part of charity people often forget. The more people that know about a cause, the more chances a charity can receive more donations, volunteers, and the more support they will gain for their mission. So if you want to make a difference, consider following charities you care about on social media and sharing their amazing work with your community.

How to do your own charity research (Is your money being well spent?)

There are a lot of amazing resources and websites that research different charities and provide you with all the information you need to know before making the decision to donate. A great example is Charity Watch, they provide ratings on different charities and information such as transparency, cost to raise $100, percentage spent on program/cause, and much more. Though these sites provide lots of information, it is always your responsibility to do as much research as you can from multiple sources to inform your decision. It’s your hard-earned money, only you can decide where to spend it.

Another great option is Charity Navigator, similarly they provide ratings for charities as well as lots of tips and tricks for donors to stay safe and make a positive impact on the world! They help donors find charities that align with their passions and values. You can use this platform to search charities you may be interested in but aren’t sure if your money or time will be well spent.

Where to find volunteer opportunities and charity events?

1. Sign up for the charity’s newsletter

Often signing up for the charity you are interested in’s newsletter is the best way to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities and events! Find a local charity you like, visit their website, and provide your email to stay up to date on all their endeavors! When they hold an event or are looking for volunteers, you’ll be the first to know.

2. Ask your friends

Again, friends & your community is a great resource for charity events and volunteer opportunities! Make sure you let your friends know you’re interested in charity. Consider starting a group chat together to talk about all thing’s charity. Opening a conversation can be a great way to keep each other informed on different charitable opportunities.

3. Search “Charity event near me” on google.

Google is king! The same way you stumbled upon this great guide, you can also find many events and opportunities near you simply by searching for them. Just make sure you do your research using all the tools provided in this post so that you can ensure the charities you find align with your values and truly make a difference.

There you have it..

everything you need to know about how to find, research, and support charities in 2022. The world of charity has become evermore accessible due to the internet and social media. It’s now up to you to use all these tools and resources to do your part and give back to your communities or charities across the world. Smaller charities with meaningful causes often fall through the cracks and their causes go left unheard. That’s why we at SACRI started our charity spotlight blog, if you’d like to stay up to date on all things charity don’t forget to subscribe here. Is there anything we forgot in this guide? What’s one way you are supporting charities in 2022?

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