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10 Online Charitable Communities You Should Be Part Of And (How To Get Involved)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022


We have been stuck at home longer than anyone thought because to the coronavirus pandemic, and it is easy to get bored with sitting about. Volunteering from the comfort of your own home is a great way to find a sense of purpose in a chaotic world. Even if you cannot physically get out and help out, you can still make a difference by volunteering your time online for a worthwhile cause. We have compiled a list of some of the ways you can have an influence in the real world through online activity.

United Nations (UN)

This is the best place to begin if you want to expand your online volunteer efforts beyond the United States. Your research, writing, and artistic abilities will be put to good use by UNV-affiliated groups dedicated to peace and development. More than 12,000 volunteers from 187 countries have already given their skills to organizations all across the world.


This search engine is only for online volunteer opportunities. Timelines for any project can be as short as an hour or as long as several weeks. Writing thank-you notes or editing images are two examples of non-profit work you can do in an afternoon or a few afternoons.

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

Even though the Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum, education, and research complex, they could always use some aid. Volunteer online to transcribe historical records or edit Wikipedia pages on their objects and studies and help make their collections more accessible.

Amnesty Decoders

Amnesty International has set up a network of digital volunteers to aid in the investigation of human rights abuses around the world. Oil spills have been verified, evidence of drone strikes found, and abusive tweets directed at Indian women politicians have all been flagged by volunteers using their phones and computers.

Translators Without Borders

Check out this humanitarian aid nonprofit if you are proficient in more than one language. Volunteers translate for foreign aid, health, and education groups, averaging 10 million words per year.


Crisis Text Line

In this case, technology is being put to good use. The Crisis Text Line relies on volunteers to continue providing free, round-the-clock support to individuals in need. You can apply for free training if you are at least 18 years old and able to commit to four hours of volunteer work each week.


Online volunteers enable Zooniverse, a platform for citizen science research that would be impossible (or impractical) without them. Make the most of your time identifying endangered species, cataloguing galaxy systems, or transcribing Shakespearean texts.

Project Gutenberg

Since its inception in 1971, this organization has been a pioneer in the world of online volunteerism. 59,000 free eBooks have been accumulated so far in the effort to build the world's greatest digital library. Donate suitable resources, convert books to digital form, or proofread other people's work as a volunteer.

DoSomething gives young people the power to make a difference in the world, whether it be online or off. Volunteer online to help tackle real-world issues with one of our campaigns.


When it comes to creative initiatives, Kickstarter is more selective and curates the projects that are allowed to be posted, but "Indiegogo" allows donations for virtually any purpose, including music, hobbies, personal finance concerns, charity and anything else you can think of (except investment). A combination of their adaptability, broad approach, and early entry into the sector has helped them expand internationally.

Most of us are keen to give back to our society, but frequently end up asking ourselves - “what, where, and how on earth can I fit it in?” This concludes our guide on online charitable communities that you should definitely consider being a part of. If you are looking to get involved in these communities, the time is now. All you need is an attitude of giving selflessly and helping other people without expecting any returns.

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