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10 Inspiring Charities You Should Donate To

Updated: Mar 1, 2022


We chose ten passions, global issues that transcend borders. Then we choose a worthy organization for each. Scroll down, pick a charity that drives you to make a difference, and see what that group is doing! Their work should motivate you to pursue your passion and use your leadership skills to make a difference.


For nearly 75 years, UNICEF has aided the world's most vulnerable children and youth. Their work spans 190 countries and addresses a wide range of kid issues. You may discover more about their programs and key areas on their website. UNICEF works tirelessly to empower and assist global youth volunteers. You may learn more and find a platform or group near you here. They also provide resources for people who want to start their UNICEF-related club or event.

Mary's Meals (Hunger)

Your school meal may not be a big deal. However, hunger can distract you from your studies and ability to focus. Mary's Meals provides free, nutritious lunches to students worldwide. This not only feeds hungry youngsters but also encourages them to attend school and complete their education. This UK-based company has now gone global. Do you like their mission? Their website has suggestions for fundraising, videos to show about their work, and worldwide campaigns.

Animal Welfare

First, the World Wildlife Fund has been conserving endangered and threatened species for nearly 60 years! Pick your favorite animal (turtles, elephants, tigers, etc.) and plan a fundraiser to help conserve it. They also have their fundraising platform, making it easier to promote and fundraise online! Second, most cities have animal shelters for folks who want to aid animals near to homes. These local groups help pets find loving homes.

Gender Equality: UN WOMEN

UN Women is a UN agency that promotes gender equality and women's rights in all 193 UN member states. Also, they operate regional offices in several countries throughout the world that specialize in gender equality and women's issues. Your community can benefit from their website's resources on gender equality.


Lack of school supplies is one obstacle many pupils face. How can you learn if you do not have pencils, notes, or a backpack? KINF in the US and Develop Africa in various African nations offer educational supplies to needy pupils. You can organize a school supply drive to gather new school supplies for needy youngsters and give them to one of these organizations or a local non-profit! Some schools in your region accept donated school supplies for needy pupils.


Climate Change: Earth Friends

Friends of the Earth is a global network of grassroots environmental organizations! These groups work together for a peaceful, sustainable future. Due to their grassroots approach, they encourage participation and volunteerism. They already have over 5000 local activist groups with over 2 million members! If you live in Europe, they even have a youth-only group! You can also access their website's climate change facts and information, or donate directly to their fundraising efforts.

Health: Stand Up to Cancer

Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) in the USA, Canada, and the UK funds pioneering cancer research. Cancer knows no bounds when it comes to age, race, or nationality. So, if you have a personal connection or want to help make a difference in the fight against cancer, this is the organization for you! The SU2C website has several fundraising opportunities, and because all donations go directly to researchers, you know your money is helping!

Homelessness and Food Services

People sleep on the streets in practically every country. Look for local assistance for the homeless or those living below the poverty level. These include food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and support services. Many food banks and soup kitchens welcome volunteers. You may even start a club or event to collect food, clothing, or money!

Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean and coastal health. Water, plastic pollution, and coastal protection are among their concerns They work both hands-on and through policy to make a difference. The Surfrider Foundation has chapters and volunteers throughout Canada, Australia, Europe, and Japan! You can volunteer or fundraise for a local chapter. You could also use their fantastic images to educate the public about ocean health! If you wish to donate to a group that operates outside of these areas, here is an excellent list!

Mental Health: Crisis Lines

One in every four people will suffer from a mental condition at some point in their lives, but two-thirds will never seek help. Suicide and mental health crisis lines exist to provide free help and information to anyone battling with mental health, suicidal thoughts, or other personal difficulties. The service provided by crisis lines (nearly often by volunteers!) is invaluable. Most crisis lines need volunteers to undergo extensive training (or be qualified professionals). This would be a high-commitment, long-term solution. You may, however, organize a fundraiser to help your local crisis hotline or promote their services to those in need!

What do you value? What drives you to fight for change? To motivate youth to volunteer, donate, or become involved, we have compiled this list of ten excellent non-profit organizations and charities.

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